Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jello Plans Changed Again

We were up and ready early and went to the Prescott Court House again.  Things out of our control were changed so we will return again another day. Can’t say what we are doing until it’s over.

Being a full timer it’s OK if things happen that aren’t in your control or even in your control.  You just adjust to it accordingly and go on.  We had to cancel two reservations we made over near Lake Havasu.  First we asked Denny & Susie if we could stay longer.  They said we could. Tomorrow we have to wash and paint their house by noon then dust all the pebbles in their yard by dark – NOT.   I think!

Later us and Denny & Susie got invited to socialize with George & Valerie at their place.  they tried to fill us with food and booze and were pretty successful.  We solved the presidential problem – put me in office. A good time was had by all.  George & Valerie are leaving tomorrow (Wed). 

We’re not sure how much longer we need to be here.  I figure Denny & Susie will get suspicious when we are still here for Thanksgiving.

See ya….