Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gone Again - Kinda

What do I mean gone again kinda.  Ed hooked up his trailer to his Jeep and we were off to Joshua Tree a 250 mile one way trip.  It was a rush trip.  One stop for fuel and stop to eat each way.  When we got to Jean’s and Claudette’s we loaded up the Razor and returned to North Ranch.  We got back about 4:30 PM.  No pictures of the Razor yet.  I got extra stock parts with my Razor thanks to Jean & Claudette – thank you.  I in turn gave some to Denny for his new Razor.  One was a roof that went on top of his roll bar.  The other was part of the rear roll cage that made it complete in the rear of the Razor.  Denny & Susie’s Razor is “looking good”.  Several people came over to look at  our new used razor.  they were admiring all the extra options it had.  I will list later.  Carol & I jumped in it and went for a ride with Walt leading.  We went out for about about 7 miles in the desert.  The ride was very firm so I have to soften it up for this type of riding around here.  I will go extreme on lowering the dampening on the after market shocks and lower the air on the oversize tires to their minimum.  This should work.  If not, I might have to go back to the stock shocks for the time being.

I got my camera back from Ed.  I left it over  his place the other day.  Here are some pictures from a couple of days back.

TTN Thousand Trails Palm Springs.SDC12403

A little tight.SDC12404




This is the area that was jammed tight about 5 weeks ago with over 400 people at the SKP Quartzsite gathering.SDC12419 SDC12422


Here we are at North Ranch campground.SDC12425


Here we are at Ed & Sandy’s getting ready to graze over some food.SDC12426


And the adventure continues….

See ya………