Sunday, February 12, 2012


Busy doing nothing and not even that.  I would list the things I should be doing but that would be boring to me and you.  I rolled up an extension cord and even put it away.  That was exciting.  I reaffixed the screen door latch handle that I fixed last week and put it back together upside down back then. I’m proud that I can fix my fixes.

Tuesday afternoon we will know if we are leaving that day or not.  If we end up not leaving Tuesday then it will be decided Wednesday if we leave that day or later.  That decision will be made on the court steps Wednesday morning if there is that meeting.  That meeting will be decided Tuesday if it will happen.  That’s why we could leave Tuesday.  I think I’m getting a headache from this.  Anyhow, two people have called/emailed me & guessed correctly what’s going on. It’s not all that big of deal – kinda.

Now that Denny is getting his Polaris side by side delivered Tuesday I’m thinking more and more about it.  Hey, these things are go carts on steroids. What more could a guy ask for.  I just can’t figure out how to take it with us on the road.  The best overall solution I can come up with so far is to double tow behind the Beast.  Remember I do have a commercial license and would just need to get an endorsement on it.  But that’s in Texas. That should make me legal in all states being it’s a commercial license.  Length becomes the problem then.

These are the nice problems that full timers have.  That is how do I take all of our toys.  I do see an orange something in the future.  Polaris doesn’t make a orange side by side in my price range (cheap).

We had dinner with the Orr’s and the Dudley’s and it was great.  I ate too much and had to take immediate power nap.  I woke up and everybody was gone.  Oh well, guess I wasn’t missed evidently.

See ya….