Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mayor Of Talkeetna, Alaska

When we were in Talkeetna, AK back in 2009 I was taking pictures as usual.  I took a picture and posted it to our blog.  Now, an associate editor of the Alaska Magazine has requested my permission to use a photo I took of the mayor of Talkeetna from back then.  You know that associate is reading my blog because she had my current email address.  The mayor is a cat.  Yes, that is right a cat called Stubb’s.  That’s cool…..

Back to reality….today was a little of this and that. I got 12 lbs of pork loin ready to smoke.


Smoker is ready for an early start tomorrow morning.DSC_0002-1

Then I started working on little things that are overdue for fixing.

The screen door handle was real loose.  I fixed it but installed one hnadle upside down.  It’s good for now. The cloth cover was on it so the clamp wouldn’t hit the paint.DSC_0003-1

Next was replacing Carol’s light with a LED.  She can’t find the LED light.  It don’t get back together until the LED is found.DSC_0005-1

Next was the outside LED that stopped working.  A couple of hits and turning the LED and it started working again.DSC_0007-1

Later in the day there was a social in front of Mark’s rig.  It was great….had some new faces there but the camera must have broke when I tried to take their pic.  Stay tuned….

see ya……