Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Daytona 500 NASCAR racing was cancelled until tomorrow (Monday).  Darn…

It was time to loosen up the suspension a little more on the Razor.  When I was done it was loose as a goose.  The rear was still very tight meaning that adjusting the springs on the rear shocks made little if any difference.  It’s stiff.  The front was very soft.  We went out for 20 miles today.  That’s my Razor on the right.  Then Ed’s Rhino and Walt’s ATV with him setting on it.  Steve’s Razor is behind Walt. SDC12433 It turned out that I could give it the gas and the front would really come up in the front then down when I let up on the gas and stepped on the brake.  It looked cool to me.  It turned out to be too much as I learned during the day.  It sat too low in the front for trail riding.  It made turning on tight turns difficult.  I only ran into one desert bush.  I also got stuck on a small boulder and tore off the right rear fender.  Good thing I had some bungee cords to hold it together.  It then had real character. I also went up a steep mound of dirt and got stuck on top like a teeter tot .  I had to back down that little hill.  When we got back Shawn, Denny’s son, fixed my fender.  Denny & I were his gophers.  Thanks Shawn.  Everyone agreed that bungee chords would be a good thing to carry.  We all decided to go out again tomorrow.

Carol walked our cat Rainbow.  Rainbow loves to go out and told me she doesn’t get to got out as much as she likes too.  I told her I would talk to the boss for her.SDC12431

See ya…………….