Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Little Of This & That

We started off the day by going to breakfast at the Country Kitchen.  They didn’t have waffles on the menu but Carol asked and they could make it happen and did.

We then went to the Dodge dealer to harass the sales people, my favorite pass time lately. In years pass they weren’t the easiest to deal with.  The tide has changed and it’s a buyer market.  Thus, my turn to harass them.  I would like a truck that can be towed and put my toys (Razor) in.  It’s a guy thing.  I haven’t had a pick up in over ten years.  Carol don’t agree in me getting a truck.   She will keep the Mariner Hybrid.

We got back to the Beast and it was time to do some work on the Razor.  First I washed it so we could find it.  I went over to Ed’s place.  Between Ed, Walt and myself we got the Razor door back aligned. I screwed up going thru a gate and almost tore the door off of it. Hey, Denny & his son rolled his new Razor over on it;s side so I don’t feel bad.  A large crow bar, a big hammer and a car jack and we were in business.  It reminded me of the three stooges.  We laughed and got it back in shape after about an hour.

Later we went over to Denny and Susie’s and had diner with other close friends.  It was fun.  We didn’t leave until 9 PM. That was unusual for all.

Tomorrow is Daytona 500 NASCAR time…

See ya