Monday, February 13, 2012

Campground Reservations

I really hate making reservations at what I call public (non membership parks).  We made a reservation for a park in Lake Havasu.  It was the last site they said.  Three days before our arrival date I called and cancelled.  They friggin charged me $25.  They didn’t mentioned that would happen when I made the reservation.  They didn’t tell me when I cancelled the reservation.  It was only $21 night under Passport America.  What the hell.  I can’t put a hold on my credit card charge unless I send them a written request.  Our charge card bill is due this week.  If I pay it then I can’t stop the charge.  If I don’t pay it then I get a finance charge.  Oh, it’s so hard to be a full time RVer – NOT!  It’s just one of things that happen and I jump up & down then my feet get tired and I move on just like life does.

Later today we will find out if we need to go to the court house in Prescott.  People have been guessing right so far.  We are going there for an auction on a lot here at North Ranch.   We need a place out here to rest & play and hopefully we will get it. 

Now it’s later and the auction is postponed again.  Oh well.  We will continue on and return when need be.

It was pretty cool today and windy.  Locals said this is normal weather now and not the warm weather than has been here lately. I think it is because Nick Russell is in AZ myself.

Carol has been sick today, probably just a little allergy or dry weather.

See ya.