Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hold On Here We go!

…….at 7:15 the guys are eating breakfast like they do just about every Thursday in this neck of the woods. SDC12301 SDC12300

Here Denny & Susie are cleaning their new Blue Razor for a ride.  This thing has power steering. Denny & Susie went out riding for a little while.SDC12303 

In the mean time I cleaned the front end of the Beast.SDC12306

Then the guys went out. We had four ATV’s all together.SDC12308

First stop was for lunch up in Yarnell which is about 17 miles via the back way.  They got some great hamburgers.SDC12313


There were some wild animals up here in the highlands..  SDC12314

We call these guys TS chickens after Tommie Sue.  They guard the restrooms.  I heard they do a great job.SDC12316

Here is over the road gang.  Or is that over the hill gang?SDC12325

Who is this masked man?SDC12326

Yes there are wild animals out here in the desert.  And what do wild animals do in the desert?SDC12335 SDC12333

A man and his country.SDC12339 SDC12341

We met some friendly things out here.  I was wondering where all the poo was coming from.  At first I thought it was from Walt Gunn.  I got proof that some of it was….yes I do… be published at the right time… sweet it is……NOT!SDC12343

Five hours and 47 miles later we return.  Look at Denny’s face real good.  I guess you could say he has some brown eye and has even a brown noise.  He was following Walt to close……think what ever…….SDC12348

Then Mr Steven Dudley pulls up with this 2008 Polaris Razor that he just bought.  This thing has a lot of options.SDC12349

We all, Orr’s, Dudley’s, Gunn’s, Kruty’s and us had dinner.  The girls were yakking so loud that us guys could hardly here are selves tell lies to each other about the day.SDC12350

Another good day down the tubes….

See ya.