Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here It Is

People have been asking for pictures of our new (used) Razor so here it is.  Mine is a 2008.  The Blue one is brand new (2012) and it’s Denny & Susie’s.  SDC12427 SDC12428 SDC12429

She’s pretty dirty but you get the jest of it.  The suspension is set up pretty harsh.  Ed, Walt & I adjusted it to where it is a lot softer.  I will adjust it again later on.  The terrain here is different than what it was set up for.  Walt, Denny & his son, and I went out today for about 30 miles in the desert today.  It was fun and we all got real dirty from following each other. You know when you use to go to the beach and get sand it places you didn’t know existed.  It’s the same with dirt/dust on these machines in the desert.  I had to take two showers today.  There goes my monthly allotment.

Later we made some adjustments to our schedule for the rest of the year for various reasons.  We didn’t like making the changes one bit but they had to be done for reasons due to family and medical.  Those are things that some full timers have to deal with on their terms accordingly. Family and health first.  We called our friends and coordinators and let them know what was going on.  We won’t be doing the east coast SKP rally in April in NC.  We won’t be doing the fall Escapade in September nor the Gypsy Journal Rally about then either.   We are also backing out of the Smart Weigh Program at this time.  Maybe in the future.  Our good friends in FL we won’t be able to make it to see you before your boat trip, really sorry.

From here we will go to the Gypsy Journal Rally. Then to Hemet for a Line Dancing Rally.  Then on to Livingston.  We’re not sure how long we will be there.  We would like to be gone before it gets hot and muggy hopefully.  Time will tell.

Tomorrow (Friday) is auction day.  The lot we have been chasing thru the auction process is going up for auction for sure (?).  If we get it – good.  If we don’t get it – it wasn’t meant to happen.  Their are other people that will be bidding on it we are pretty sure.  It ain’t going to go cheap!

So, that’s the number of that…….

See ya…..