Monday, February 6, 2012

Let’s Go For A Ride (car)

We decided to go up to see a little town in the mountains called Prescott.  Along the way we saw the Escapee’s North Ranch Park from a distance.DSC_0007

We saw a frog.DSC_0001

We went over this mountain.DSC_0002

Went thru Yarnell.DSC_0008

It got cold….slightly and not the 65 degrees. The other.DSC_0011

We came to Prescott to ……? Nope not that. It’s one of those things you might think about but never do it.  Well, we are doing it.DSC_0015

Reminds me of a campground in Hyder Alaska with the same name.DSC_0016


On our way back to North Ranch via Phoenix we got these pics.DSC_0019 DSC_0021

We stopped at an interstate rest area and got a picture of the Winnie.  Notice the high door, the unusual slide and the windows in it.DSC_0022

Today was about 225 mile trip around in a circle.  I think we will do it again Tomorrow.  Stay tuned to find out why?  No we are not buying another RV.

See ya……