Saturday, February 18, 2012

And Today Started Out So Nice

As most full timers know we must be flexible or we would go crazy pretty dog on quick.  Take it in stride and all that BS…….Everyday Is An Adventure!  Sometimes more than others.  This was was one of those “other” days.

It started off with me staying in bed until almost 9 AM. That was a sign.  Then Carol fixed me breakfast.  Ok today was going to be a nice day.  Sun was out and it was expected to hit 70 degrees. We went to the local Ford dealership to see if we could get our car serviced.  Nope – have to schedule an appointment.  OK…We looked on their used vehicle lot for a truck we could pull behind the RV with a Polaris Razor side by side 4 wheeler.  I call them go carts on steroids.  Of course we lasted about 2 minutes on the lot before a salesperson preyed upon us. Bottom line and after a half hour they did not have anything for us.  I knew that after about 5 minutes but what the hell.

We left there and headed for some place to eat then Wal-Mart.  As we got close we saw a Dodge dealer that might have something we wanted.  We pulled in and right up to the sales office.  Before we could get out of the car we were approached.  Again nothing that we wanted.  Then the sales person said I might have something on the back lot that we just got in.  We looked and they had a 2006 Ford F350, not a dually, extended cab, 8 foot bed, diesel, automatic, AC, and cruise. Bingo….we haggled over price and agreed to buy if they would make it towable by installing a Remco driveshaft disconnect so to make it towable.  They said they were very familiar with the system and agreed to have it done and in writing OF COURSE! Done Deal.  I wrote the check and they kept the truck to have the work done early next week. 

We left and now it’s about 2-3 PM and it was time to eat lunch. Carol was starving and I was a little hungry.  We stopped at Mickey D’s and then went on to Wal-Mart to get groceries as planned earlier.  We met Don & Sharon there for a quick moment.  We’ve been trying to hook up with Denny & Susie but that never happened due to our side excursions.

We get back to the Beast and unload.  I call my brother in law Steven who says he will get the truck’s VIN checked out via his Ford source.  Great but it’s a done deal but OK.. Then out of the blue Pat  & Jim show up on our door step.  They are members of the Alaska Loosey Goosey Gang.  We will try and meet up with them tomorrow  They wanted to go on to the big fireworks display scheduled for tonight.

I went on line and went to Remco’s web page.  Bad news.  The F350 Ford truck does not have a driveshaft disconnect kit because it is not towable according to them the experts. Oh no Houston – we have a problem.  We just bought a truck and it can’t be towed.  Well, lessons learned my friends.  We had the dealer but it in writing as I said earlier that they would install a driveshaft disconnect kit.  The dealer was closed and they aren’t open on Sundays.  So Monday I will call Remco very early to double check that it is not towable.  Then I will be at the dealership when they open their doors to undo the deal.  I will also have the tele number to our bank to cancel the check if they don’t return it.

I don’t have to make trouble.  It finds me very easy. Will I get mad – no.  Will I use tact – yes until they say no.  I will then just walk away making sure they can hear my phone call to the bank.  Worse case I just cancel the check – no big deal, it really isn’t!

It’s just starting to get complicated.  Monday we are suppose to be in Palm Springs and will be.  We are going there to buy a Polaris Razor from our friends Jean & Claudette. They are Loosey Goosey Gang members also. They just got a new Razor and are willing to sell their 2008 to us.  Great……

Monday is also the day we find out if the lot in Congress is going up for auction on Tuesday in Prescott.  If it is, we will be there.  This jello schedule is starting to get real tight now, isn’t it?

Now it’s getting towards evening so we depart for the big fireworks display.  We get there and they are full. Oppps.  Carol really wanted to see them.  We turn around and find a place to park in a nearby bank’s lot. It too was pretty full.  We are watching the fireworks and the large truck next to us moved to in front us and blocked our view along with others.  I went and told them thanks…yes I did…they left about 15 minutes later. They had an excellent spot next to us…why move?  We left about 8:45 PM and headed back to the Beast. 

We get back home and we get a call from our daughter.  She just got her college graduation date.  She’s on one of those accelerated programs so the normal college dates don’t apply.  She graduates in mid September (14th) in California.  Oh no…..what about the Gypsy Journal and the Escapade in September back east?  We have obligations at both.   Well folks, family first……..

So, how was your day?

See ya…………..