Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do Nutin Day

It was a lazy day.  Carol got to go to line dancing in the morning and in the afternoon.  She’s happy.  I did some playing around with Microsoft Streets & Trips.  Just playing the what if game.

Denny had an appointment at Freightliner for 7 AM tomorrow.  He’s going to get his valves adjusted.  He left this afternoon to make sure he would be there at 7 AM.

Kellie, AKA as Cupcakes, brought me some of her special prepared gizzards.  they were very good and it didn’t take me too long to eat them all.  Thanks Cupcakes.

The sun retired and so did we.

Tomorrow we will find out (supposedly) what we will be doing at the court house hopefully.  That is if we have to go or not.

See ya………