Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Day In The Desert

We’re ready to go at 10 PM.   Denny on the left. Then his son Shawn, then Steve, then me and all the way to the right is Walt.SDC12436 SDC12437


We take a little brake and enjoy the scenery. SDC12439


Yes we did…. Walt said it was a gopher snake.  I thought any snake with a diamond shape head was poisonous.  I haven’t seen any gopher holes out here.SDC12441


This is my ride…SDC12446

That white spot in the middle of the picture is North Ranch.

SDC12448 SDC12449 SDC12450 SDC12452


Denny got cactus needles in his butt.  It was funny.  Basically he was hanging out his butt going down a steep hill and slanted.  He was hanging his butt out so as not to flip over while his son was driving.  Yes, this is a true story.  This was funny to everyone else.SDC12453

Three hours later we ended up at McDonalds for lunch.  SDC12455

We then returned back to North Ranch. I think we went out for 40 miles, maybe 30.

See ya…..