Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

The day started out by taking my honey to breakfast at a local place. She got raisin bread French toast. I got a 1/4 order of biscuits & gravy and spicy taters.  I still couldn’t eat it all.

Then I took her out and got her a dozen yellow roses.DSC_0002

You know what Denny did?  He put me to work expanding his door on the shed.  DSC_0004

I had two supervisors watching my every move.DSC_0005

Why was Denny making the entrance to his shed bigger you ask?  Because he got Susie a Polaris Razor side by side for Valentines Day.  Wow! Ain’t she lucky to have a guy like Denny.  Here it is being delivered. DSC_0006

It just barely fit in that 8 foot bed truck.DSC_0007

Here comes the welcome gang, Walt & Ed.DSC_0008

The rest is history….DSC_0009 DSC_0012  DSC_0016

Denny & Susie going for their first ride in their cool side by side.DSC_0019


Can you see the little green man?  He’s around and watching us.DSC_0021

A while later they came back.  Then Denny took out Mary Pelly for a ride. She had a blast.DSC_0023

They returned and then it was me & Denny for a ride.

We returned later.  As a matter of fact we came back a half hour late for dinner at Sandy & Ed’s.  Ed cooked some thick NY strip steaks out on the grill.  Walt & Kellie was there as were our babes Carol & Susie of course.  The eight of us sat around and we had a very nice and fun time.  It was really great to set around with friends and chat and laugh a lot.  That’s what’s it all about – being with good friends.

It’s now 3 AM and it’s 32 degrees out.  What’s up with that?  It got only into the 50’s yesterday.  Damn Nick….

See ya……