Sunday, February 19, 2012


I went on line today and found out that the lot in Congress has been postponed (again) until Friday.  That works out for the time being.  It makes this Monday/Tuesday more workable.

I stayed in bed until 8 AM.  I’m starting to like this sleep in business..  8 AM is sleeping in for me.

I made some phone calls and did a little research on the internet about the F350 and towing it.  It appears that it can be as long as we don’t tow anything real heavy behind it with the Remco installed.  It can handle about 15K without the Remco kit.  With the kit installed I would probably never tow anything even half that weight.  If I need to, then a stock drive shaft would have to go back in.  I will cal Remco first thing Monday to see what they say of course.

We went for a little drive on London Bridge road near the lake/river.  No bigee to us.SDC12385

Then we came across a flea market.  You know one of those that is selling mostly new things from China and very little used stuff.  It took about an hour to walk around.  It was OK and it was on pavement and not dirt.  That was nice.SDC12386 

Here’s a picture of a truck we think is in our real price range with a little Enron financing.  The tan color matches our rig too.SDC12388

When we got back to the campground we jaw jacked with Jim a little while.  They are parked just one row over. Jim & Pat were among the Loosey Goosey Gang to Alaska last year.

For diner we went back to the China Buffett on London Bridge Road.  We met Sharon/Don, Pat/Jim and  Denny/Susie.  Carol Hinkley was a no show.  We jibber jabbered a lot and ate a lot.  Some where still planning to go to the fireworks again tonight – not us. The pic quality sucks.SDC12391

So that’s about it…..until tomorrow of course.  We will check on the truck situation, move 175 miles and check out Jean’s Polaris razors, both his new one and old one.

See ya…………