Saturday, February 11, 2012

It’s Was Only Fair

This morning Denny took me to Verizon to spend my money.  I purchased a WiFi Mobile Broadband using Walt & Kellie’s old MiFi equipment that they gave me.  For $57 (incl tax+) a month I get 5 GB per month.  So, basically I got internet in most areas.

We went back to North Ranch for lunch.  Then it was only fair I take Denny shopping and spend his money.  I drove Denny to Prescott Valley to a Polaris dealer who carried side by side razors.  A half hour after arriving he was the proud owner of a 2012 Polaris Razor.  It was fun spending his money.  “It was only fair.”  In all fairness he did make a few phones call back to North Ranch I guess to get the OK (again). It will be delivered Tuesday.  I made the same call to North Ranch and got a no…..what’s the number to that TV Show Wife Swap?

We arrived back at North Ranch at 5 PM just in time for a Dinner Mystery Murder Show.  It was fun watching other people being hams.   We had chili with all the trimmings during intermission.  The show was funny.

And the day ended again no matter what we did.

See ya…………….