Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boot Camp & Football

Today was the last day for Boot Camp. DSC_0002

The instructors were taking questions from the students.  Neil must of gotten one of those weird questions.  What a face.DSC_0001 

This crowd looks very interested.DSC_0003

Super Bowl – good game.  I chose all the losers to win in the play offs and then again in the big one.  I should have betted against myself.   I picked Baltimore and they lost.  I picked San Fran and they lost.  I picked New England and they lost. Hey, when you’re good you are good.

We changed our plans like a lot of RVers do.  Instead of going to the Thousand Trails park near Hemet, CA today, we are staying here a couple of more days.  Then Wednesday we will head for the Lake Havasu area.  They got a big Fireworks Bash that will be going on in about 10 days or so.

See ya……………..