Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Full Timing & RV Washing

For a full timer to wash their rig can be a bit troublesome at times.  If it needs washing maybe where you are at they don’t allow it.  Or you are where they do allow it but your not ready.  Some parks are charging you to wash your own RV.  Maybe $2 and I wouldn’t have heart burn but when they get to $5 and especially I have a tendency to let them know what I think of their excess charging.  The mobile washers that will come to you will charge you an arm and leg which is about $3 a foot and they don’t even dry it.  Then they want a total of $7 to wash and wax.  Sorry, I’m just too cheap.  When we are in Yuma we get the RV washed and hand waxed for between $100 & $125.  Now that’s a deal.

Another good deal is the Streakin Beacon which goes by the the name of Blue Beacon Truck Wash.  They are open 24 hours and have over 100 locations.  Their web page is  How much - $35 to wash any large RV.  It’s will worth it.  Don’t get any of their other wash options unless they can dry it for $15 if they have the people.  I usually tell the washers easy on the soap and heavy on the rinse please.  Sometimes their soap will leave steaks if not washed off or dried off. Thus the name Streakin Beacon.  I suggest you do not have them wash your tow behind if you have a motor home.  They do rinse the roof off via an automatic sprayer from the ceiling.  But then the water comes off going down the road and on your tow behind. they are usually around large truck stops.  Just get in line with the trucks – no big deal what so ever.

I popped out of bed at 7 AM this morning.  In other words I dragged my sick butt out of bed.  I was on top of the Beast by 7:15 AM.  No the Beast is not Carol, it’s the RV. I washed the top and the slide out toppers.  Carol asked why was I washing the roof if it’s going to be replaced in a couple of weeks.  Because if it rains, or just condensation, all that crap from the trees that setting on the roof comes down the sides of the RV. Anyhow, I then washed the entire Beast.  Then cleaned the tires and wheels, not polish/wax yet. The water softener & sprayer didn’t work the way I thought it would (less spotting).  I will give it a few more try's.  So, I hand dried the Beast top to bottom and it’s looking good.  I finished at 10 AM.DSC_0002

Here’s the products I used.DSC_0001

I did notice being 20 lbs lighter that I worked a lot easier and wasn’t huffing and puffing like before.

See ya……