Monday, April 30, 2012

Full Timing & Vehicle Financing

Full timing and getting a loan can be a big problem nowadays.  Before 2008 it wasn’t no problem for just about any bank to loan money.  Now it is more difficult but definitely not impossible if you have good credit.  Something about our residence is mobile and banks get a little excited about that.  We use the Escapees Mail service and it is a legal residence and is recognized as such by the state and federal government. We can vote and such using our address.  Most mail services are not legal residences.  If you can’t vote using the mailing service address then it is not a legal residence.  When asked where we live we say we reside in Livingston.  On loans we give our complete Livingston address.  No problems for us so far.  I do not tell them my life story until after the deal.  We are professional tourists who travel a lot enjoying retirement.  Oh so true.

Anyhow, when we bought the Dodge truck we financed thru the dealer because we got an additional $500 rebate.  Their bank was Chase and we got 6 yrs at 3 % and the payment was $300.  Well, our bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, of 30 plus years is now 1.99% for 6 yrs plus will give us $250 for refinancing with them.  Our payment is now $287 and will get the $250 after the first payment.  I spent about a half hour on the phone with Navy Federal and it was a done deal.  I go with who ever gives me the best rate.  I’m just a drop in the bucket to any finance company bottom line.  So, I feel the same way about them.    That’s how we buy our vehicles too.  I shop around a lot.  The internet is outstanding for this type of knowing what prices should be, etc.  We bought our Phaeton (new) via the internet (Lazydays, Seffner, FL)with a trade-in even.  I look on the internet to see what a particular model/year is going for if buying used.  Get pre-approved for a dollar amount before hand so as to avoid embarrassment and save time.  Where ever, who ever has the best deal will get my business.  It’s business to them and it’s business to me.  We aren’t special when the deal is all done.  NEVER had a problem getting warranty done with anybody either.

So, check around a lot.  You got the time and good luck.

Mark came over for diner and could only handle one of my 10 oz cheeseburgers.  Afterwards I showed him my Razor.  We went for a short ride around the block.DSC_0001 DSC_0003

Mark really likes the Razor.  I’m sure we will be doing some riding down the road.

See ya.