Friday, April 13, 2012

Full Timing & Prices Of “things”

Over our years of RVing we have found that when we are out and about we expect to pay more for “things”.  There are places in this country that are cheaper than others as we all know.  Like Oregon and no taxes come to mind.  Great place to get multiple tires if you can plan going that way.  Campgrounds can be very high.  We all have learned if you are going to a tourist area you will pay.  The overnight places near an Interstate and train tracks are usually the cheapest.

Today I went to a local truck parts store which happens to be the only one in town. I want to lift the rear of the new Dodge truck about 1-2 inches when I load the Razor in it.  Now I went on line first.  I found air bags that listed for $130 priced at $98 and on sale delivered for $88. I figured I would go in town and purchase the air bags and have them installed.  The air bag company said 1 hour installation with hand tools.  The shop suggested the same brand and model of airbags.  Now we are talking.  Bottom line he wanted $330 installed and out the door.  That’s what I did after I told him he was very high.  I will probably order them on line and give it a shot to install.

We as RVers have to watch out for price gouging no matter what the item or service and hold them accountable for their work.  RV repair facilities know we are transit.  There are a lot of good ones out there and a lot of ones that just don’t care all that much.  They might seem like it until you go out the door and down the road.  Redlands Truck/RV repair in Redlands, CA.  These people blotched a wheel bearing job on our 43’ Beast in 2012.  They admitted it and made it up two times over.  They stuck with me even when I was out of state.  I estimated they spent over $1,000 to make it right and then paid for a FULL tank of fuel on top of it.  I didn’t even have to use my usual tactics.  They made it right and then some.  They know I will be back and recommend them to other RVers.

If something breaks in or on the RV I try to fix it. If it’s broke I can’t screw it up that much more.  What the hell.  Just the other day our water inlet connection would leak when not hooked up to a water connection.  Well there were only three screws holding it.  I took them out and pulled on the connection and it came out about 2 inches.  Now I saw that it was screwed into a pipe.  OK I have a wrench that fits.  I didn’t take it apart. I went to a RV repair shop down the road.  I said I needed a part and would have to look it up in their catalog.  The person asked what kind of part and I said it was the main water inlet connection.  I was led to their water parts section and they had several types on the wall.  I found mine and paid $15.  I returned to the Beast and changed it out with no problems.  Great….. Not all instances are this great but I gave it a try and it worked.  I probably saved at least $100.  That’s how I can save money out here – try to do it myself.  I don’t mess with engines other than the air filter.  I do look for cable/wire wear everywhere but don’t go out of my way a whole bunch to do that.

Oil changes – one word – Walmat.  They will even do a RV if it fits thru their garage door.  If you want a higher quality oil you just pay the price difference.  It’s a pretty good place for tires too.  Their lifetime balance is outstanding.  I have ordered tires on line and had them delivered for our arrival date.

If you have a big RV and or big truck you have a national company for oil/lube jobs called Speedco.  I used it once but I know people who use them all the time

Hope this information helps someone a little.

Carol has been sick as a dog the last few days but I’m doing better.

See ya…………….