Sunday, April 29, 2012


Oh how generating and fun to meet newbies.  Carol & I just met Bill & Beth who had been full timing for 3 weeks now.  They were like two kids in a candy shop for the first time.  It was enjoyable hearing them talk about getting ready to hit the road and the things they experienced.  It brought back our own memories that are very similar.  They talked about their plans to do this and that this year to include getting a larger 5th wheel.  They have a 28 footer now and are getting a used 38’ in a few weeks.  We had nothing but words of encouragement for their future adventures.  They also are cat lovers and two travel with them.  We answered their questions in a short time frame we had to visit with the.  They were getting ready to depart so time was short.

Carol & I remember walking out of the house settlement office and see our 5th wheel at the end of the walkway.  My thought right then was, “Oh crap! What did we just do?”  We departed in our 1998 34’ fifth wheel towed by our 1996 3/4 ton Dodge diesel. It was a 5 speed with a 4:10 rear.  It was set up to tow.  We had already decided to head for Alaska for our first big advetnure.  It was June 4th 2000 and our first trip to Alaska.

The rest is history…….like it is for a lot of us fellow full timers and those that have retired from full timing.  We are all newbies and we enjoy or have enjoyed the full timing life style.

See ya……………