Friday, April 20, 2012

Your RV – Change It!

Every RV we have had we have made changes to the interior. Some were more extensive than others.  Since full timing when we make a change it’s because it’s our home.  We made major changes to the living room of this Beast within a couple of months (3 weeks really) of buying it. Now we are making just little changes.  I guess it’s called fine tuning. We made some chair changes. Carol moved her rocker into the mobile in Livingston and got my chair.  It’s a pretty comfortable chair from the mobile. The rollers come off when we start moving often. Yes these are old pictures because Brandy the dog is in them.  She is no longer with us as is Patches the cat.SDC11919

I brought our euro chair out of the mobile that was originally in the Phaeton. The dining table in the corner comes completely out when needed plus it has a leaf in it. My computer and printer are in the cabinet/drawer’s next to the chair.SDC11918

Then the cat have these two spots on the couch among many others………..  SDC11920

like on top the chairs or on the dash. Basically where she wants to sleep. The covers on the chairs are to keep down the tear marks even though the cat is declawed (front paws).SDC11921

When we were just RVing on weekends and vacations we never changed around any RV.  We usually just added batteries. Now that we live in it we change things around like many full timers do.  Again, it’s our home.  A lot of people learn that they can renovate any RV to their liking.  You are only limited by your bank account and carrying capacity.

Like most “senior” full time RVers, I got a lot of  “stuff” in my head about RVing.  All I had to do is turn on the light. Some of my readers are not full timers yet so I go off on different subjects to give my/our experience to help them decide. Some readers are just curious. Some readers know I have a thing about finding “not so great situations”. I try to look at things outside the box.  Who said it was a box anyhow?  How about a circle. I’m not a writer like Nick Russell in his blog much less his writing of books.  I try to get my stories across even though I have to use the Queen’s English. 

So, I guess what I’ve said in an around about way is that I will blog what ever pops up in my head.  It could be scary……! I will try to keep it RVing related.  I think I normally do.

See ya……………..