Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waxes & Weight Loss

Like quiet a few of us I’ve been around the wagon train using different types of waxes/polishes over the years.  I talked to a high end car painter a few years ago and something he told me has stuck with me. A  wax will last only a month or so in hot weather.  My first thought was I’m not gonna wax the Beast every month.  Your auto experts say once a year.  It’s confusing for me.  I usually do it myself once a year for the entire RV and then the rear maybe 3 or so times.  It gets a lot of road dirt back there.  Now the front I do about every 3-4 days when traveling and not parked.  That is because of the bugs and having the Diamond Shield on it.  I will get into these shields another day.  Cleaning the front off I use anything and everything to help slide those bugs off.  I even tried cooking spray one time.  That is a whole new story.  Don’t do it unless you have time to kill to clean up even more afterwards.

These new poly this and poly that I know very little.  They seem to really shine quick but the actual true protection I know northing.  I do use them and like them on my poly coated wheels after I’ve cleaned them.

I have settled into two waxes/polish that I like.  First is McGuire's (sp?) Cleaner & Wax and the other is NuFinish Polish(orange bottle).  I change wiping on and off rags often. The wiping on rag is very important and must be kept clean. I go thru about 10 plus soft rags like cheap (now) micro towels.  I use to use a buffer but it seemed like it slowed me down.  Plus it slings the stuff around and you need a lot of pads.

Now when I’m in Yuma I get my $100-125 wash and hand wax (McQuires liquid).  Where?  Just look in the Penny Saver mag.  There’s about 3-4 outfits that do it.

We had a little social get together later in the day.  Sue & John, Bernie & Carole, and Bill  & Joyce all came over for a BS secession.  Sue & JOHN both said they are planning for Alaska in 2014.  They want to join the Loosey Goosey Club and go with us.  I haven’t told them about the hazing yet.  Oh well, got two years.

Lost another 2 lbs for a total of 18 lbs since my surgery.  I want to lose a total of 23 lbs by Monday (11 days) for my blood work up.  It will happen!  I haven’t hit the wall yet.  That’s a place where your body says that’s enough weight lost and then it becomes a very slow process.  It’s due real soon.  I’m not starving and eating regular meals just not being a glut. Also taking vitamins supplements and drinking Ensure.  They’re like a flat milkshake but they have to be real cold for me.  Anyhow, that’s the number of that……….

see ya……………..