Monday, April 9, 2012

Just A Med Update

I consider this blog a RVing blog and wasn’t gonna post any medical stuff on it but I’ve gotten so many inquiry's I figure this is the easiest. So, if you see Med Update in the header don’t bother to read it if you are only interested in the RVing stuff.

Well, the surgery (Thur) went pretty well according to the doc.  On the way to surgery I was laying on the gurney (dissecting table) being push by two nurses.  As we passed the other nurses at their station I could only do one thing….WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  They all busted out laughing and continued my journey.  My nurses told me no one never did that before.  I just smiled.  I went into a sterile room with about 6 or so funny dressed people.  That’s all remember.  I woke up and several hours had passed.  My belly looked liked someone shot me with an automatic BB gun and I was a few ounces lighter due to a lack of a gall bladder. Hell of a way to lose weight. I had five new holes in me.  They weren’t leaking anymore.  I guess the duck tape was holding.  They decided to hold me over a night to see if I could make the nurses laugh anymore.  No problem at least when I was awake.  They gave me this little button and said to press it if I needed help with the pain.  No problem after I use a little JB Weld to hold it open.  It was morphine.  I could only sleep in 8-20 minutes increments ALL night long.  Something about this one machine was reading my breathing and it said I wasn’t breathing enough (low saturation level – medical talk). Hey, I thought I was! The doc came in the next morning and decided to hold me until later that day.   He said the extra holes were to look around and take a slice of liver.  I then had breakfast – twice.  Once down and once up.  I was told it was due to the morphine.  I just kept on pushing that little button anyhow – at least until lunch.  I had lunch.  That’s all I remember about lunch.  The doc returned later and I was discharged 1 1/2 hours later.  Yes, I had heart burn then.  Anyhow, got back to Livingston (Fri PM) with my new meds for serious pain.  Haven’t used and don’t want to.  If I used them then I would probably hurt myself because I would not feel much pain and do things I’m not suppose to.  That’s call experience.

It’s Monday eve and things are OK.  Seems like I get tired very easy and take more than my usual naps. My voice is horse from the tubes they had down my throat.  Maybe they didn’t like my weeeeeeeeeeeee.  My regular doc’s office called me today and said I need to come back for some additional tests, not follow up, next week.  My sugar levels are above the normal range.  I’m running out of parts that they can take out of me. I’m trying not to talk too much so take advantage of it.