Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doc, You Need To Do What?

Back in Late November I had my annual exam.  My liver enzymes were above normal.  I was then sent to get a sonogram.  Then I went to a specialist. He said I had gall stones.  He said to stop taking one of my daily meds that can usually cause lever problems.  He wanted to see if my liver would return to normal numbers.  One month later they hadn’t.  He then wanted to wait until April for another blood test.  Here we are today (Tues).  Saw the doc again after getting blood drawn yesterday.  He said the numbers increased a lot but was not an emergency.  Surgery  is scheduled for Thursday AM. The doc will cut out by gall bladder and take a look around for anything else that might be a problem. It will be an in & out thing (pun intended) and should be home no later than Friday.  I don’t think they will let me take any pictures.  Maybe they will have some that I can pass along.

So, our schedule is a little hectic tomorrow (Wed) so the blog and I will be on vacation for a couple of days.

See ya…………….