Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RVing Hit List

I always have a hit list of “things to do”.  This way I don’t have to remember nutin.  I don’t keep track of bills or money normally.  Carol does that.  My list is things that I have to get done – sometime in the future.  I give everything a number but not in sequence.  I might have several number ones which means these are things that I would like to get done before other things.  I tried to give things “to do” a single number in sequence and that didn’t work for me.  Groups are good for me.  I have six groups.  At present I have nutin in group one or two.  In group six I have get the RV state inspected.  As we leave here I have a place I will stop at and if they can inspect it great.  If not, oh well, I erase it off my list and go on down the road.  Hope I didn’t confuse you too much.

This morning (Thur) it was 56 degrees when I got up at 4 A.M.  It’s been in the high 60’s the last few weeks in the mornings.  The days have been in the 80’s with moderate to high humidity.  That means not much hard work after 11 or so.

So this morning was wash the truck and the car.  This was the first time the truck was washed since we got it.  They both were just a little dirty so it was pretty easy to wash and dry.  I got to dry them because of the hard water here.

Then the rest of the day off and on was to to fix the mud flaps.  The one behind the tires and the big rear one needed to be worked on.  Here you can see where I put two pieces of metal to stop the tearing.  I had to do both the left and right side.DSC_0003

Next I took down the rear mud flap and took a rubber hammer to the the back of it.  The frame was a little bent and I needed to take out a little aggression.  It worked out pretty good.  Then I sprayed it with Aerospace 303.  Next I will use a cleaner wax for the chrome and reinstall another day.  I think I will raise it up one inch.  It’s better to have these things up high than down low.  When they are low they will actually kick up gravel on your tow behind car. DSC_0004

My little cactus had a bloom today.DSC_0001


The little green man still has his cowboy boots on from Gillette. DSC_0002

See ya…………………..