Friday, April 27, 2012

Looking Good & A School Friend

I got the truck title from Chase bank yesterday. Yea… Now I can get tags for it.

First I had to get the truck inspected.  Brand new truck and had to get it inspected.  That’s a little dumb.  I guess they need the money or can’t think that through the legal process to correct.  After the inspection at a local Dodge dealer I went to the local DMV.  Very nice and helpful people the way a public office should be.  The truck is now tagged, washed, filled with fuel and ready to hit the road. I still need to put the Polaris Razor in it.  That will probably happen Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday is our departure date.DSC_0001

I reinstalled the Beast’s mud flap that I’ve been working on.  I straighten the frame behind it out a little bit.  Used Aerospace 303 on it and polished the chrome.  I also raised it up as far as I could which was about an inch and half.  The higher the mud flap is from the ground the less debris and rocks it will toss on your tow behind.  It’s the same for a truck towing a rig. I learned that years ago commercial towing RVs/motor homes and reinforced again towing in Alaska.

An old friend of mine from high school has died.  I grew up with this individual as a teenager during the 60’s  He was into booze heavy back then and remained that way.  We were “IT” back then at least we thought so. He died of cancer.   Don, save me a seat at your favorite bar.  We can talk about the good old days if we can remember them. 

P.S.  Don’t hold your breath for me.  My plans don’t include seeing you anytime soon.  You are on my very long list though.

See ya down the road Don.  Thanks for the memories.