Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shiny Wheels

If you are not into shiny wheels and how to get them that way, there is no need to go further.  See ya tomorrow.

Otherwise… we go…DSC_0003

Now that NASA is out of business I don’t have to worry about the shine interfering with their satellites for take off….smile…

Basically there are two types of wheels on motorhomes,  some 5th wheels too.  Those that can be shined and those that can be.  BIG difference.  Accuride wheels have a plastic covering over them called Accu-shield.  These are meant to be washed with soap & water and that’s it.  They shine but are not real shiny.  I have these.  The others can be polished with abrasives and man do they shine.  You have seen these on big trucks probably.  How can you tell the difference.  If they are less than 5 years old and they are on a Freighliner or Spartan chassis they are probably Accurides with Accu-shied coverings.  If you have a different chassis they might be Alco’s and might be polishable.  If your wheels are turning a light grey then they are probably polishable and you can use the good stuff on them like most aluminum polish.  i.e. Mothers, Never Dull, Bush, and so on.  Check your owner’s manual or call the manufacture if they are still in business.  If they still are pretty shiny but just need a LITTLE TLC like mine, here we go.  I use these products…DSC_0002-001

First I use Swirl X which is a very very light cleaner.  Then I use Tech Wax .  I follow that up with a very light Ultimate Wax spray.  I use a separate rag for each and finally a micro cloth when I’m all done.  The rags (old socks) I throw away and wash the micro cloth.  It takes me about 15 minutes per wheel and I got all of of them done today.  Now I will be able to just wipe them off when ever I want unless I drive in the rain.  Then I wash with soap & water then wipe with a micro soft.  Over all they shine just a little bit more than just the normal wash with soap and water.

I really like shiny wheels so I don’t mind working a little extra to have them.

See ya………………….