Saturday, April 14, 2012

Towing Accessories/Roof/Alaska Note

ALASKA  NOTE for those that are going this year:  Camping world carries a Transport Film (clear) to cover the front of your RV/car/truck or what ever.  We used it(other brand) in 2012 and it worked pretty good.  Plus it keeps the bugs off too for just regular buggy areas.  I saw it Camping World’s catalog and it’s pretty cheap too. Our trip for 2014 now has 6 RV’s going.  In 2012 we had 10 or so going a month before the departure and 6 went.

Did you know in California a motorhome is classified as a House Car and when you tow a vehicle behind it, it is classified a trailer?  So when you see those speed limit signs that say cars towing a trailer speed limit is 55 MPH that means a motorhome towing a car. Yepper!  Absolutely positive.  That also includes fifth wheels and straight trailers too for the 55 MPH.

I have a collection of towing stuff.  Remember my Mom was a full timer also so I have some of her old stuff too. DSC_0009

Each time we come back to Livingston I go thru it and pick out what parts I will use again.

It’s hard for me to throw out “stuff”.  This chord is shot but still works.  DSC_0010

The connectors are why I still have it.  Sometime in the future I will take the connectors off and thru the chord away.  I have the chord now that I use plus a new one I have never used.  I might exchange them out this time.  I haven’t decided yet.  Pull pins come in different shapes with different size safety pins I have learned.   I carry an extra set of pull pins & safety pins.  I carry an extra pull plug for the break away switch and and extra pull plug and wire for it also.  Hey, they just seem to accumulate.  I use to use Blue Ox tow bars but switched over two years ago to Demco. I was pissed at Blue Ox at the time I needed another tow bar so I went to Demco.  I got one of their new model tow bars (Dominator) and after they replaced it twice it has become a very good tow bar.  It has some  do dads on it than the Blue Ox doesn’t.  Plus the color matches the Beast…..that wasn’t planned.DSC_0002


I also use a heavier safety chain connectors due to the truck and razor weighing about 6,300+ lbs.

Prepping the roof for replacement. I have to remove everything on the roof that is not factory installed.  The Datastorm dish is gone but the rails had to be removed and holes filled today. The solar panels are for another day.  I got three weeks.DSC_0018 

This gives you an idea of our small two story barn in the background. DSC_0020

I never thanked the Olson’s for the steering wheel cover.  Thank you…..DSC_0021

Hey, not everyone has an orange steering wheel cover.

Sunday morning I weighed 201 lbs.  That’s down 20+ lbs from my weighing in at the hospital 9 days ago.  I want to see if this weight reduction is going to effect my in depth blood tests Monday.