Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friends & Food

It’s easy to meet people while RVing. Just set outside your RV in a campground. People will walk by and you just wave at them to come on over. Make sure you have at least two extra chairs out. Otherwise they might not come over or if they do, they don’t stay long. If you can wave you can meet new friends. It’s really that simple. Having a box of wine out helps too!

We made some new friends the other night, Lisa & Jim Koca.  We casually met them last year but didn’t really get to spend time with them. They happen to be the new Directors of the Escapees  HOP Program.  They are also deeply involved in the Escapees Boot Camp Program.  Take a look at these programs they are really good.

We all went to the Texas Pepper here in Livingston.  The place has been here for years and now has new owners.  It’s been two years since our last visit and it wasn’t nothing to speak about with the previous owners – just kinda OK.  This time it has greatly improved.   It’s not the greatest we have ever had but it is worth another trip before we leave for sure.

Yes, RVers love to eat.  While traveling across this great country you get the opportunity to try these one owner, one restaurant places.  We have ate at some real dives that turn out pretty nice.  We are really not brave enough to walk into a real dive so we rely on going with someone who has already been there.  We stay away from the ones that say “Fine Dining”.  They should also say you will pay and the food might be good. Plus I don’t have a sport coat.  We really like seafood like shrimp, scallops and blue crabs boiled with Old Bay Seasoning.  Although we eat Mexican, I don’t like eating anything I can’t pronounce. My tongue don’t twist that way and I’ve tried. Taco is just about it.  Beans & rice, there are two things that are hard to mess up. Too each to our own…..

We still go to a few of the big chain food places like Mickey D’s, and Carol’s favorite breakfast place which is Cracker Barrel.  I love that Popeye’s Chicken. While traveling we prefer to stay at Cracker Barrel overnight than Walmart by a long shot.  They are quieter for one and breakfast in the morning.  They have maps that tells us which ones are RV friendly.

So, food and friends do go together great!

See ya……..