Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hitch Itch BAD !

Man O Man,  I read blogs about friends at the SKP west coast rally.  I read about our friends at the SKP east coast rally.  I read about our friends the Geeks and their rally in FL and all happening right about now.  Here we are waiting for Dr BS in Livingston.  Being a full timer and waiting for Dr appointments is not all that unusual and it’s becoming a little too much like normal.  I might have to start eating healthy,  exercising and losing weight like a lot of people are suppose too.   Oh no!!!!!!!

I’m ready to rock & roll, cook up some food, do a little partying, go ATVing, do something rather than setting here.  This is OK but I rather be doing other things.  I got the rest of 2012 mapped out with a plan A, B and even a C plan.  It all depends on what might or might not happen.  I got 2013 mapped out with just a plan A.  I am also tuning our 2014 schedule.  That’s when we go back to Alaska.  I got us going up the west coast beforehand then crossing over the border.  We have 6 RV’s (I count RV’s rather than people) that have definitely said they are going.  Doing this planning for Alaska reminds me of the Blues Brothers movie.  They were getting the old band back together.  Well, I’m getting the old Lossey Goosey Gang back together and have added new members.  We all understand that reality might change things that are not within our control. So be it.  It’s nice to be able to plan and I really enjoy planning for an event.

Back to reality.  Today I want to wash the truck for the first time since buying it. Key word is want.  It’s been raining a lot the last of couple of days and should be past us by now.  The truck hasn’t been driven in the rain yet but has set in it and under trees for sure.  I need to get one coat of McQuire’s wax on it in the next couple of weeks.  I need to wash the RV too. 

I’m trying to rejuvenate my old  water softener.  I put the required salt substitute (what it uses) in it and ran it.  Now I need to find some hard water test strips to test it.  It it works – great.  If it don’t, then I have to decide if I want to mess with getting and putting a new special resin in it or buy a new one.  We used it for several years then it became too big and bulking to carry.  Now I have room again and the extra weight is fine.  It’s nice washing vehicles with it and not have any hard water spots especially on the windows.

By the end of the day I hadn’t wash the truck.  I bought some test strips to test the water softener.  I tested it and it isn’t working like me either.  Oh well, I gave it a try.

See ya.