Monday, April 2, 2012

Full timing & Electrical Problems

Electrical problems while full timing will happen and do.  What do you do if you don’t know what to do? You learn and or you become broke paying someone to fix them.  Ask your friends for help, it’s OK.  My current problem is the tow vehicle left tail/brake light continues not to work when hooked up.  I found that I was blowing fuses in the RV.  First I had to call Newmar to find out where the fuse box was.  Then I found the blown fuse.  I blew about 4 of those little suckers.  I thought I had fixed it.  No I didn’t. Now what?  I called someone that new more than me.  That wasn’t hard at all. It happened to be one of Carol’s bro, a electrician.  He asked some detailed questions on what was going on or not happening.  He came to the conclusion that the tow vehicle is grounding out on the new line that goes to the left rear tail light starting at the plug.  He said to look for a rubbed exposed line  or loose wire.  I took the taillight assembly out.  I could see all the new lines and no cuts.  I took out the front plug.  I got a maybe.  The rubber cup protector that protects the lines behind the plug had some nicks in it from the bumper being against it.  I can’t test it until I depart because of the way the RV is parked – backed in.  I will just let it hang out for now.  I have to put in a new fuse in the RV.  If I found the problem it won’t blow the fuse.  This will take about 5 seconds to determine that.  If it does blow that means I have to crawl underneath the truck when we get to Livingston.  I will follow the new lines and look for that rub mark on the wire.  If I don’t find anything then I will make another phone call.  It will be either Carol’s bro or the company that installed it several weeks ago.  It has to be something simple.  The hard problem is finding it.

In summary I suggest newbie's get some basic electrical parts like fuses, tape, connectors, wire cutters, tester (simple one) and wire.  Then have it all in one container and forget about it.  You will need it ask any full timer.  Those that don’t have a ready kit will be a little poorer when they call that mobile RV repair guy.

We are at the Thousand Trails Park in Conroe, TX.  We are paying $3 a night because we got 50 AMP. 

I went to the hospital today and had the vampires drawl out some blood for testing.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) I go back and see the specialist for the results.  From there things will be decided – no bigee.

Carol has to finish up with her check up from December.

See ya….