Monday, April 16, 2012

Berries & Pork

The other day Carol & I took the Razor out for a ride and we came across some wild blackberries. DSC_0006-001 Nothing like picking warm berries and eating them. DSC_0002-001 DSC_0003-001 DSC_0004-001


We have had this for a long time so it was time to cook it.  I cooked it on the Weber.DSC_0017

I started off with rubbing the pork with mustard.  Then I used some Pappy’s Seasonings.DSC_0001-001DSC_0008-001

And I used a temp probe.  We went and picked the berries and we got back it was done. 

Monday we went to Conroe for my blood test.  We left about 5:45 AM and go their at 7 AM.  This was a brand new facility we went to.  So new that we were their first clients.  They didn’t open until 7:30 so we even beat the staff.  When they arrived they turned on the lights for us.  This was a big 4 story building and it was brand spanking new.  We were told later that a moving company came in over the weekend and moved all the medical equipment from their previous location.  Anyhow, my blood test began at 7:45 and ended at 9 :45.  All done.  I will know the results come Thursday during my two Dr appointments.

Bernie & Carole came over for diner.  We had the pork that I had fixed and it turned out just OK.  Their waiting for the weather to clear up before heading up to Missouri.  It’s been very bad weather up north the last few days.DSC_0001 

We got to bore them with over 2,000 pictures of Alaska.  It will be awhile before they are back.  smile…

Oh, got the taxes done Sunday.  Glad that crap is over. I really hate doing them.  Should be easier next year with no business to do.  One year I did them early which was about a week ahead of the dead line.

See ya………….