Thursday, April 12, 2012

Full Timing & Vehicle Cleaning

Keeping vehicles clean are an on going thing for full timers.  Most full timers have two.  We have four now that we added the truck and the Razor.  Carol’s car I had to wash twice.  Once with Turtle Bug & Tar Remover on the front and sides.  This stuff is sprayed on then turns into a jello like substance.  I sprayed it on then scrubbed with a medium hand brush.  when that was done I rinsed it off.  Then I washed it again with soapy water.  Carol cleaned out the inside.  This baby looks good.  We leave in three weeks.  It will get another wash a few days before our departure and go into the barn until our return.DSC_0015

Even thou we have a mobile home on the lot we still live in the Beast because it’s “home” to us.  The mobile is a great laundry room and social area.  The front porch is outstanding.

I’ve been working on the Razor.  I had already replaced the over size wheels/tires and replace with the stock ones.  Now I have replaced the oversize fender wells.  It’s the shiny black trim around the tire area on the body.  I have to compound the body color to get it back looking good.DSC_0006

The old ones…DSC_0007

The fuel tank had a leak around the gasket.  I cleaned it real good and put some JB Weld around it.  The previous owner said that he had changed the gasket but it kept leaking.  Polaris told him to JB Weld it so I did.  DSC_0005 Next I raised the after market shocks to the max height for more underneath clearance up front.  Hope it rides OK.DSC_0008


I’m not a tidy worker.DSC_0011

Really not at allDSC_0012

I removed the trunk and have to clean all this up.  when I’m all done I will use some 303 on the entire thing (black).DSC_0013 DSC_0014


This will take a few more days of tinkering around to get it in a nice clean and ready to roll vehicle.  Oil and filter change are on order too.  I will do it on my time schedule and not on some RV park’s schedule.  I can leave my stuff all over the place too.

Being on a lot is nice………….

P.S. I closed this blog down awhile back as some of you know.  I lost followers because the numbers have never returned back up.  They have forgotten.  If you read this blog tell a friend to read it.  It helps my ego thus I write more.

Another great day……See ya…………..