Sunday, April 22, 2012

RVing Communications

This is what works for us…………..

Internet – was Datastorm-Hughes Net for years.  I bought used/refurbished equipment in 2005.  Over the years it had some problems but nothing that money couldn’t fix for sure.  We could push a button and have internet anywhere we wanted.  That was very nice especially when we had a business to run.  It made two trips to Alaska and we always had the internet. We now no longer had the business and the old equipment was getting very out dated.   Now you can get a used one installed for about $1,500-$2,000 then $79 a month.  Steve O’Bosky is an outstanding rep and point of contact for this equipment. His email is  Tell him I sent you and he might buy me a hamburger or at least a turkey hot dog.

We now have Verizon MiFi for the internet.   The MiFi card was well used & old when we got it.  Maybe that’s why it works so well for us.  It was a hand me down from Walt & Kellie so you know it was well used.  It has worked fine for us since February.  From what people say is that we will have problems when we get in real crowded places like a large rally.  OK, I don’t think they all get up 4:30 in the morning like me.  No big deal. $50 bucks a month.  You know, I don’t have to be on the internet everyday anymore even though I am.  BUT I don’t have to be bottom line.

Cell phone – Verizon……….Have had it for about 10 years.  It’s outstanding for where we have gone and go. We have three simple plain phones. One for me, one for Carol and one for my Mom.  We just reduced our plan to I think 800 nationwide prime minutes plus their normal free minutes, etc.  I use to have the cell phone glued to my hip for business.  Now I don’t carry it usually.  It just lays on the desk waiting for Walt’s call.  I think this plan and the MiFi is $130 a month on the Verizon bill.

TV….We have Direct TV and with a roof dome.  Their plans vary in price.  The roof dome came with the RV and it works great even in light to medium rain. We have had Dish and they pissed me off years ago and we have been with Direct TV ever since.  We started off with the outside tripod for years and that worked fine too.  We do not have the new equipment thus do not have digital reception.  We are too cheap to buy the $1,500 dish.  Too us, it ain’t worth it when ours works fine.  When, not if, fails to work we will see.

Some people have simpler and cost less plans/equipment and some have a lot more expensive things for what ever the reasons.  What ever floats your boat basically.  We try to keep it simple for us.

See ya………..