Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Full Timer Ladders

I have come full circle with ladders after 40 years of RVing and the last twelve plus years have been full timing.  I have fallen off just about every kind of ladder that has been made.  I have never broken a thing other than the ladder, my pride and some embarrassment. That’s just plain old stupid luck. 

I have found very few campsites that are completely level and have cement around the RV so I can use a ladder safely. So it is a challenge for everybody especially us guys.

My very best falls have been with the aluminum collapsible ladders.  It’s like slow motion as the aluminum bends. I had a five foot collapsible and fell off it pretty easy because I was always going to the top.  So being a guy I figured I would get a 6 footer and wouldn’t need to go as high.  At least that’s how some of us guys figure it.  This just meant that I wouldn’t fall off as much but it would be higher when I did.  I wonder if they make a 7 footer so I can reduce my falls?  I had the regular aluminum ladder for awhile.  I just didn’t like hanging that thing from my RV ladder.  Plus they would bend and fall if you leaned on them.  Then they would have a permanent bend in them.  Ask Don about those things and leaning.  I think Don fell on his face and we are all trying to recover from that.  smile.. I really liked the fiberglass ladders.  They seem not to bend like the aluminum ladders do but where heavy.  I’ve seen people carry those space age nifty ladders that fold up rather small and can fold out in all directions and configurations.  I need a ladder that just goes in one direction. I see myself having all sorts of problems with those techno ladders.  Plus they are usually the heaviest. 

So, where do I stand now on ladders.  Not on top unless I really have to – it’s a guy thing.  I’ve gone back to a 6 foot fiberglass and will hang it on the RV ladder.  I have a hanger with 4 bungee chords (new) holding it on.  It’s a very faded yellow so it blends well with the color of the Beast.

I started out with a fiberglass many years ago and now have returned.  At least now when I fall I can say I have fallen with the best.

In the near future I want to blog about waxes and front end protective shields and what I’ve learned.

Oh, since my surgery of 5 days ago I have lost 16 lbs.  I thought being very active one could lose wait.  Here I nap a lot and lose weight.  Maybe I can sell the idea like all the other diet experts.  I can call it the “ Sleep Away Diet.” Abbreviated it would be “SAD”.  smile……

See ya……