Tuesday, April 24, 2012

See My Butt

Here’s my butt.DSC_0012

It’s been cooking for about 15 hours at 190 degree at this point (9AM). It’s not a pork butt but rather a picnic. It has more bone and the taste/texture can be a little different at times compared to the butt. It was on sale for 98 cents a lb so I got this 10 pounder. What the hell!  The butt is running 2 bucks a pound and that’s just too high for me.  Maybe I can get some butt from the Secret Service cheaper like they do.

LATER……The butt on the left is the left over.  Some people add all this garbage together but I don’t.  I like clean meat with some crust in it. DSC_0015

I got about 4 lbs out of that ten lb picnic cut.  I get 5-6 lbs out of the butt usually.   More bone in the picnic.   We had this for dinner and froze the rest.DSC_0013

I was back on the roof by 9 AM.  I still had the brackets to remove along with the lug screws to remove.  DSC_0009 DSC_0011 Then I had to recaulk the holes even thou it’s just for about 2 weeks before Newmar removes the roof.  It would rain if I didn’t you all know that.  By 11 AM I was done and the humidity was setting in.  Now I will wait to wash the roof until the caulk dries.  I will also wash the slide out covers, awning and the Beast itself.  Then I will use what a reader recommended which was Jet-Dri a dishwasher thing.  I will apply it with a MiracleGro garden feeder hooked to a hose.  Who knows?  Maybe the Beast will grow another foot or so.  Then last I will shine and wax the wheels of course.

The sagging roof caused this excessive water on the slide out cover because the roof is slanted that way as a result.  Yes, it’s hard to explain. DSC_0010 I need to learn how to lock the slide out cover in a position.  The cover is out of alignment due AZ wind down near Yuma.  Anybody know how you do that, lock it in position with an A & E slide out cover?

The 4 solar panels went here on the slide out.  DSC_0007

The boxes on the slide out went here.DSC_0005

So, that’s it.

See ya…….