Thursday, September 30, 2010

Decisions Decisions

I have been thinking about our RV School get-together in January 2011 in Quartzsite, AZ.  It will be the last weekend in January like it has for the past decade or so. The area is a free for all in trying to get an exact spot.  The last few years we’ve been lucky.  The same spot.  Carol & I go out about two weeks ahead of time and see what’s happening.  Then we go out about 7 days before and stay.  If it’s empty we claim it.  If not we set and wait tell they leave and then jump on it.  A couple of years ago their was one RV that didn’t leave.  I went and asked them if he would like to join our group because we had about 20-40 rigs coming to this area. He stayed and joined us – all was well.  2011 I haven’t decided to go with Nathan dogs or pulled pork.  Pulled pork is a lot of prepping in TX and no real cooking in Qsite.  Dogs are pretty much the opposite.  I’m leaning towards the pulled pork again since it was a big hit last year.  A few people start arriving the Monday/Tuesday before which is OK with me.  Then the rest arrive Thursday & Friday.  Saturday is when we bring out the main course fixings for the modified pot luck.  Then we have goofy fun prizes give away.  It’s fun and has gotten real popular the last two years.  In our travels we pick up “stuff” and then have a give away at the get-together. It’s a blast.  Friday and Saturday nights we have a big friggin camp fire and it too is a lot of fun.  In the mornings coffee and donuts appear out of know where.  The campfire still has hot coals from the night before.  The Get-Together we usually say it’s for RV Driving School graduates, their friends, Escapee Boot Camp attendees (past & present) and our friends. It’s free. If you don’t fit in that group and want to attend – great.  Just email me saying you want to have some fun and want to attend.  I can email you in November along with others with the details.

I think we may have the biggest RV School Staff turn out than we ever have had.  They could include George Mayleben, Frank Piccolo, Steve Mulcahy, Denny Orr, Dan Sheppard and even Jerry Ray hopefully. Of course their bosses (wives) will be there to make sure they stay in control of themselves.  Rumor has it that the founder of the RV Driving School will be there.  The Staff helps with the food and are a real big help.

Another coach for us update – nothing really happening at this point.  If we get an older coach (06-07) are expenses will go down hopefully.  As we all know, they don’t go away.  We just need to try and lower them (payments, insurance, etc.).

Here’s what I did for dinner.  DSC_0001-1  DSC_0004 DSC_0002-1

I took the night before left over ribs and cooked them on the grill.  I had eight and I put barbeque sauce on four and just recooked them all.  I think they turned out better – all of them.  Since they were picked over already there was a lot of fat.  Putting them on the grill cooked some more fat out but not all of it. 

DSC_0005They were still juicy and pulled off the bones.  We tested them with Wayne and Beth Roberts, our good neighbors.  Hey, testing your cooking, isn't that what friends are for? We spent the evening with them along with some Butter Pecan ice cream.

When we got back to our rig we had a surprise.  Patches was outside and our other cat Rainbow was left inside the rig.  We had bells and whistles going off in the dash.  Well, she turned on the ignition and turned on the jacks.  Wow, glad she couldn’t turn and hold the key. I think she wanted to leave when she saw us outside.  I guess I have to take the key out of the ignition now.

Tomorrow, Friday, we go see THE lawyer about Mom Hill’s trusts.  Lawyers – I haven’t found one that I feel comfortable around yet.  Comfortable in a social setting - no problem.  Doing business with – just don’t feel comfortable.  This lawyer cost us big bucks – or should I say cost us big bucks and lost us big bucks.  Once we started understanding Medicaid we saw there were other options that would have cost us a lot less. Like about 15 grand and then some. Hey, another lesson learned in life….some are expensive in dollars and some are expensive in life itself…so be with it, learn from it and move on.

Opps, to much info…….

See ya………….

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