Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is That All There Is

28 miles was all it was from Goshen to Warsaw.  Wow, the diesel didn’t really get warmed up and I really hadn’t time to adjusted into my seat yet.  Well, it’s better that zero.  Oh, I like to drive.  It’s like watching a comedy show usually.  Sometimes it’s a drama and then sometimes it’s a mystery.  It’s fun..

We arrived at the fairgrounds here in Warsaw, IN for the VCR Reunion/Workshop Rally.  We are retired so we don’t attend the workshop part.  Their are a lot of good fun people here – all of them or they wouldn’t be VCRs.  How do you become VCRs.  Well, if you are always having fun at Escapee functions you will be found out and asked.  Then there’s some checking on your fun history.  Then you are asked.  Then there is the initiation.  Very secretive.  The military has nothing on hazing when it comes to a VCR initiation. Their will be one done here.


Yep, I got to park next to the “Antique” or as I call it a hunk of junk. It’s a left over from a recent auction.


What’s that red thing in the middle of the picture?DSC_0002

It’s Big Al.  Newbie's call it Big Red only because they don’t know the history of the Escapees tractor trailer unit. I wonder what they would have to pay for an RV site..DSC_0006

Just fun people gabbing for hours……..DSC_0007

and hours….DSC_0008


That’s Bob Bear in the lower left dressed in grey.  SKP #47. Him and is wife Betty are very well known for his biscuits and gravy from years past.  They’re among the best and that’s an under statement.DSC_0011

and more gabbingDSC_0013

This guy is Joe Tenpenny.  He and his wife invented the Escapades way back when.  We have a lot of fun together joking about the use of a microphone. He always could be relied on to get the job done and still can if called upon.DSC_0015


chow time – Walmart chicken and it was good and a lot of it.  thanks Brenda.DSC_0017

More gabbing while eating and spraying with food particles.DSC_0018

more gabbing.DSC_0020

Later that evening a group came in and put on a small rodeo type thing and music.  I guess it was good if you’re into Hispanic head banging music and horses. A lot of bass music and jibber jabber on the sound system. Hey, we all are entitled to do our own thing.DSC_0025

See Ya………..

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