Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And It Continues – Ready Go

Breakfast of champions.  Carol is off to do Line Dancing and I’m off to pick up “stuff”.  Time is 7:40 AMDSC_0001

My first stop is here to pick up our chair we dropped off last week.  It needed to be reupholstered.  This person sold the chair to my Mom at the last Escapade here in 07.DSC_0002

Here’s how the Amish use the phone in their business – yes it’s outside like an old out house.DSC_0003

Then is was 18 miles to Elkhart to pick up a thermostat for our frig.  I ordered it last week and ready to pick up.  A big $17 to get our frig back on the right track.DSC_0004

Back to Goshen.  We got a frig automatic fire extinguisher from Mac the Fire Guy.  In this day and age I don’t trust the people who install anything in an RV – factory or otherwise.DSC_0006

We went to our booth and had some fun with friends until about 4 PM.  First we went with Denny to McDonalds for a quick bite of course.  I think it’s Denny favorite eatery. He’s a cheap date.

Now it’s 4:30 and more fun time.  Carol is on the left and I’m on the right.  Object is to stick balloons down the panty hose.  whoever gets the most -  wins..simple and fun.DSC_0013



Where are those balloons going?!!!DSC_0025

and the big winner with three balloons is CAROL.DSC_0031

She gets crownedDSC_0038

Then they start with the prizes – nice ones too.DSC_0041 

On the way to dinner we caught the Amish doing their thing.  I think they are trying to hurry before the horse takes another dump.DSC_0058

This is Courtney at Lux Restaurant. Every time she came around the corner we (six) called her name.  So if you go there ask for Courtney and say Dennis sent you.  You might get a free ice cream  - I did.DSC_0061

Home style cooking.DSC_0062

The Amish are like me – they run out of money too.DSC_0057

Then it was back to the fairgrounds.  We went over and saw Mark but there was no get together going on.  We left in disbelief.

Back at the rig Frank helped unload the chair from the car and into the rig.  It’s 8:30 PM and time to settle down.

Whew……….See Ya…….

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