Friday, September 3, 2010

Off & Running Again

We went and had breakfast at Bob Evans first thing this morning.  Then when we got back it was time to test the air system.  It worked and we pulled out about 9 AM.  We arrived at Elkhart Fairgrounds in Goshen just down the road about a 1/2 hour or so.  Got into our site and then it happened.  We knew it would sooner or later but this caught us off guard completely.  And it was this kitty that ran up to us and asked us to find it a home.  It’s a female, loves to be held and purrs a lot.  It’s a little under nourished but has a bit appetite.  It’s very friendly.  She don’t like dogs so far.  We fed and made a bed for her under our rig.  Our neighbors have been taking care of her the last few days but we are now the care takers.  So, she is available so it’s first come first gets her.  She is not a barn cat, maybe a drop off, about 3 months maybe.

“I need a home. Please let me be your kitty….”DSC_0236

“Wow, that was real kitty food.”DSC_0242

“Take me and I will love you so much……pretty please.”DSC_0253

Here are some pictures of the week past.DSC_0016








“I don’t believe they are really doing this and it’s funny as hell!”DSC_0076




“Molly! One at a time.”DSC_0134

“Bob, what are you going to do with that pole?”DSC_0161


They dance the night away.DSC_0187

Money for CARE.DSC_0194

“We hurt so much from laughing.”DSC_0213

Denny & Susie danced  too.DSC_0226

My work area became a disaster zone.DSC_0235

I broke out the orange like I do for those very special occasions. People are still asking if I wore these orange shoes down the isle with my daughter at her wedding.  I’m not telling…….SDC10933 SDC10930

The end…..

See ya…..

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