Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let The Fun Continue

It seems that a small group of people “coned” the Executive Suites (RVs) of the Escapees Club the night before. These Executives are also know as the not so feared Goshen Gang.DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0005

For some unknown reason, these individuals appear to have thought that “we”, the Elkhart Orange/Yellow Gang, did it.  They even sent spies attempting to gather information.  The spies surrendered quickly. Well, very late last night (8:30 PM EST) they attempted to seek revenge.  This Goshen Gang came in armored vehicles (electric golf carts 2) with ammo (water balloons) and protective gear (rain coats). They were everywhere.  The Elkhart Orange/Yellow gang came out of their bunkers (RV’s) loaded to the hilt with machine guns (large water bottles).  It was not a secret attack as there opponents  were hoping for.  The battle lasted through out the night (15 minutes). We pounced the attack and they retreated heavily wounded (soaking wet).  So join our forces and wear bright orange and or yellow during the Escapade next week.  You too can be a force to be reckon with. Maybe carry a visible weapon (large water pistol) because you might be called upon to show your support when they least expect it.  Small scrimmages and guerilla type fighting is expected.  Be prepared to over through the Goshen Gang.

Us old farts having fun with young hearts.

See ya…

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