Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Day Of Escapade

Well, here’s a couple of pictures of the Boot Camp people at their last class/seminar. It was the Expert’s Panel on RVing.  It was about  1 1/2 hours long and they gave us a lot of good questions.  Great Class – congrats…DSC_0003


The vendors are ending what appeared to be a very fruitful time.DSC_0001


Then it’s winnie time.  Free winnies as many as you could eat. I was a server and we had the fastest line and I had a great time doing it. I think everybody was having a great time.DSC_0006


Joe & Kay Peterson, the founders of the Escapees Club.DSC_0009

Carol & I sat all the way in the back on the bleachers on the top row.  Why, why not?  The camera took pretty good pictures all things considered.DSC_0011

then the closing Ceremonies….Joe is being Joe – waving at all his friends.

DSC_0013 DSC_0014

Bob & Molly Pinner - the new Escapade Directors.  Great couple and they will do an outstanding job – everybody will give the support they will need.DSC_0015

Tommie Sue & Harrell got a rocker.  I think somebody is saying it is time to retire – again….DSC_0020

“Harrell, wait tell later!”DSC_0021


It was a pretty dog on fun Escapade.  Enjoyed seeing everybody, enjoyed the Boot Camp, and enjoyed the afternoon skits.  Our business had 5 lessons which was better than none and not as many in years past.  Maybe next year in Gillette will be better.

It’s 6 AM Friday.  I got up at 3:30 AM to get some work done and that took about 2 hours.  Then about a half hour to but this thing together.  Just stating the facts.  Last night I didn’t go to the dance but Carol did.  she said it was real good and everybody appeared to be having fun – great.

We are staying an extra night here at the fairgrounds because we got to get some “stuff” done and just kinda wind down…

I’m going back to bed…see ya……..

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