Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Day Traveling For Awhile

300 miles to Livingston, “let’s roll.”

A company that was.DSC_0007


In the background is an old gas pump next to the church wall.  I guess it’s there in case the parishioners want to get pumped up.DSC_0014


Not today….DSC_0017


They were closed but still in business.  DSC_0019

My SilverleafDSC_0023

It’s not a weather evacuation but a nuclear!DSC_0026

Not today…….DSC_0032

The Ole Mississippi River again and awhile tell we see her again.DSC_0037

Louisiana – Home of Popeyes and on every corner.DSC_0041

Carol wanted a picture of a cotton field.DSC_0047

That white stuff is not snow or ice it’s cotton.DSC_0050

Now we are in the other USA Country – TEXAS.DSC_0057

Now I remember the work of having a “PLACE”. You forget until you return.DSC_0059

Yep, the barn is still standing thank goodness.DSC_0060

Oh no left over Lovebugs…… to get them off now or their juices eat everything.DSC_0058

We had a CA dealer contact us about a 09 Safari never titled.  A dealer went of business and the bank reprocessed the rig.  It has the non smog 350 CAT engine, full tile, 33K gross weight and 4 slides.  Anybody know about the Safari Cheetah model? Let me know good and bad – quick.

See ya………..

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