Saturday, September 11, 2010

We’re Off & Running - Again

This morning was pretty.  Frank isn’t pretty.  He’s ugly when he dresses in drag at the Gypsy Journal Rally.DSC_0001

At 8 AM six of us was ready to park new people arriving.  We parked about 25 rigs in 3 hours which was slow most of the time.  Denny was in charge and he was happy that it went pretty smooth over all.DSC_0004

We opened our booth at 3 PM to a very busy crowd.  A lot of friends came around to say Hi – a lot!  Too Many to try and list.  You can see our little green man.  If you look close you can see the rope they used to hang him with.  I got a picture of him hanging but I can’t get into this site.  Modern technology and me don’t get along at all.DSC_0007

About 4 PM we went to an Amish Dinner with a bunch of people.  We respected their wish of no pictures.  It was a pretty good dinner but the fact it was with friends made it a lot better.  Lack of food was not a problem.  I think this is our third Amish Dinner over the years and we try not to miss this opportunity.  The Amish are really a very unique people.  A special thanks to Denny & Susie Orr.  Starting tomorrow things will start to rock and roll with things to do and places to be.

The one disadvantage of being on the road – Mail. Our car is insured through State Farm.  We just received two letters from them.  Normal 2 week mail delay. One said our insurance was up for renewal and was due the 26th of this month.  The other was cancellation notice of of 12.01 AM on the 13th for $34 due.  One reason we have  State Farm is so they could give us a call if we need help.  Well, the local Livingston agent didn’t call us to say your insurance is about to cancel is that what you want. A late night call to GEICO and we have insurance and it’s cheaper for the same coverage.  So much for having an agent…duh……. We have had GEICO for the most part of 40 years.  No problems for us and we have had our share of incidents to include hit & run to us.    We like the little green gecko lizard anyway.  I bet nobody hangs him.

See Ya………..

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