Friday, September 24, 2010

One More Day At Tiffin

The next morning FRIDAY Ole Norris came to see us about scheduling.  He said about 3 weeks.  I think I blacked out.  Never have we waited that long.  I went to see several people to include Bob Tiffin.  He was gone for the day (football) and it was Friday.  Wade – The head Service Guy knows me and that I hold his people accountable for their work. He was next in line so I went to see him.  For the first time with him I figured I would use honey.  I knew I couldn’t get in for repairs with out seeing Bob and Wade knew I would go see him Monday. So we worked out a deal.  Bob would see our coach in Pomona in a few weeks and he could look at the paint swirls.  Our water tank flooring is starting to give way but they checked them out and they said they were OK for now. So the deal is that in December I call him (Wade) on a Friday and he would scheduled me to come in Monday and stay as long as it takes to repair everything to include removing all tanks and redoing the flooring, recover the driver and passenger seats, water leak in slide out & replace the driver’s window – free……

My little green man was standing guard.DSC_0002


So, we decided to leave but then we remembered we were cooking dinner that night for Dave & Brenda who are do in.  We decided to stay.   DSC_0003

They came over for my cooking?They didn’t look so happy in this shot.  I guess Tiffin owners look like this when they are in for repairs or it was waiting for my cooking.  I cooked 4 slabs of baby back ribs and they were pretty good if I say so myself.  I used Brenda’s cooking instructions.  They smiled a lot after dinner probably because of the beer.  It’s the first time that we could actually set down and talk to these guys.  It always seemed that they were real busy or we were.  It was a real nice evening and we enjoyed their visit.  It was a nice note to leave on. 

Where to go – Florida or Texas. We decided Texas.

See Ya………..

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