Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Last Day Pics of the Battle

Here’s Frank in his Glory getting ready to leave for Livingston.DSC_0001

There’s Marlene ahead of Frank driving their pickup and pulling their trailer.  She’s in her glory driving being without Frank.DSC_0008

This was about 9 AM they left.  I had just finished washing the coach. I started about 7 AM.  The water left a lot of water spots but it’s suppose to rain tonight so they will go away.

In the afternoon a farmer type guy came to pick up his tractor that had been setting next to our coach.  He got it at an auction here but hadn’t picked it up yet.  Yes it was real close to our rig but with the help of several guys, it was loaded and gone in about an hour.DSC_0001

Then it was to Golden Corral for about 50 of us.  It went very well considering all the characters that were there.  We only had one food fight and dressed up only one bun.  Kellie had to go to the bathroom a lot.

That night about 9 PM a wind storm came like a bat out of hell.  We put in two slides on one side it was that bad.  Then the rain came and it was off and on all night long.

Here our some pictures of the last great battle from a few days ago.

DSC_0011 DSC_0013  DSC01626 DSC01631 DSC01638 DSC01642 DSC01643

Here come Bud & Cathie in the distance.DSC01644

 DSC01646 DSC01648 DSC01650

DSC01651 DSC01652 DSC01653 DSC01654 DSC01657 DSC01658 DSC01659   DSC01687

And the Little Green Man has regained his dinghy.

We depart for Red Bay tomorrow, home of all Tiffin's to which all return usually many times. Of course if we get a call from Lazydays down in FL we will by pass Red Bay.

See Ya………….

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