Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kitty Kitty Kitty

What can I say…..other than this kitty needs a home!SDC10984


It was a windy day.  I thought we were in Yuma.  It was a little nippy too.  Tomorrow I put on the long pants.

Friends of ours and fellow Farton owners Marty & Peggy McCauley arrived.  They’re having trouble with their Atwood electric jacks again . It’s about the 3rd or 4th time at least.  Also, Peggy will be getting a lesson Tuesday.

Carol & I have decided to sell/trade in our rig.  It’s wore us out with the little “stuff” going wrong.  Tiffin still works on the stuff even though it’s out of warranty.  I got to give them that much credit. Other manufactures would have quit 1 year 1 day after purchase.  We are looking to get a 2006/7.  Why a 2006/7?  I want one that someone else has hopefully worked out the bugs. We want 4 slides, full tile, and a two stage “Jake Brake” are mandatory, no exceptions!  We have been in contact with a dealer, DeMartini, in CA that we do lessons for some of their customers. They seem to be a good dealer and their prices are more than fair. They had one that suited our needs but sold it before we could get out there. We were thinking either to drive out and back or to fly to look at it  While we were thinking it sold.  We guess it wasn’t meant to be.   Money does play a big part so we want to keep a pretty even keel over all.

If anybody is interested in this RV let me know.  Besides the factory options we have an after market add on list that goes from Koni shocks to a big solar system and more. It comes with a homeless little kitty too.

See ya…..

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