Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here We Go Again

The crowd is waiting for the Parade of Chapters.DSC_0010

Here’s Joe & Kay.  Joe appears to be having a blast.DSC_0007

Here come all the chapter Reps DSC_0009

Buffs – please no thank you.DSC_0012

Then the dog showDSC_0015

Of course….DSC_0019

Where’s that poodle?DSC_0020

Hey, I got my yellow ball and I don’t care.DSC_0032


And the kitty brings up the rear.DSC_0029


Lunch was $5 and not too bad.DSC_0036

Bud…..the bathroom is down the hall.DSC_0038

The ice cream boss and helperDSC_0046

I caught the culprits getting ready to hang him again!DSC_0059

Carol getting ready to do a dumpDSC_0064

They’re back….DSC_0070

Mark trying to figure out how to reuse toilet paperDSC_0075


Mark and is singing Garnets DSC_0116

Boy could they sing – NOT!DSC_0103

Everyone should have a smiley butt.DSC_0136

The geeks have large pockets.  Wine to go..DSC_0140

This is our waitress and some Mexican restaurant that I can’t spell much less pronounce.  She knows we are Escapees so she is telling us how much food we get – really.DSC_0145

Sharon & Don made it to Goshen today.  Don has been in the hospital and rehab and couldn’t get here until just now.  They would liked to come in and spend a little money with the vendors and attend the closing ceremony tomorrow.  But the Escapees wants to charge them $50 to walk in.  NOBODY will come in for that so I guess the Escapees don’t want walk ins and that is what they get – none. Caring & Sharing must be setting on the side watching the “Escapade of Traditions”?  Mixed signals for sure.   I’m trying not to go down that road but come on folks, really $50. We and others will meet up with Don & Sharon  when this “event” is over and do some caring & sharing.DSC_0146

Well, I try not to go down roads that stir up poo (key word is try) but we all slip.  Lessons are learned in life and sometimes at the expense of others.  We all have done it and will probably do it some more. If it appears to be wrong – it is.  It’s that simple.  It’s what happens afterwards that makes the difference. 

So, let the fun continue……see ya…

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