Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ho Hum

Who can resist this kitty that is looking for a home.SDC10989

She shines wheels – kinda.SDC10991

“OK boss, what's next?”SDC10999

Another social hour with the Escapade Staff.SDC11001


Then there is the Farton.  That shiny thing in the middle of the below picture is a safety relief valve that is not working.  Thus we can not hold air thus we can not move because no air means the rear brakes lock up.  So I decided to change the valve myself.  It couldn’t get any worse. What could go wrong?  Well, I broke the valve off.  So I went to the hardware store and bought some more tools.  It got worse.  So I went back to the hardware store and bought more tools to include an extractor.  Now I have the extractor stuck which means we are now really stuck now.  Tomorrow I will go back to the hardware store and buy bigger tools to get the extractor out and maybe the broken piece of the safety valve.  Oh, I no longer call it a safety valve.  It’s a friggin )*&^#@ stupid %&^*( piece of shi^&*().  “Hello, Coach Net Towing Service, I have a problem. I thought I could do a simple mechanical task.”SDC11013

See Ya if you come buy because we ain’t going no where soon….P.S. it’s now raining…….

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